Teak Wood, The Top-Notch Wood for Making Furniture

Wood is a gift of nature that has ample number of uses from making small boats to big ships, furniture, goods carrier bodies, packing boxes, and many more. There is a large variety of natural wood, from soft to hard wood, that is put to various applications based on its strength and texture.

teak patio furniture

About teak wood

Teak wood is one of the superior type and is expansive comparative to other types of wood. Teak wood is hard in nature, has smooth texture, and resistant to termite attack that a makes it good for use in making boats, furniture, and other element-resistant articles. Teak wood furniture is a status symbol due to its high price and is used in high-class society and in big commercial buildings. One important factor that makes it good for furniture is its surface that develops special luster when wood polish or lacquer is applied to it and teak wood itself has long life. For instance, a furniture item of teak wood may last for about seventy years and once purchased, it passes on from one generation to another 2-3 generations with proper maintenance.

Teak wood furniture

Teakwood furniture is very popular for indoor as well as outdoor purposes, but its exposure to sun must be avoided to maintain it for long life. Common type of teak wood furniture items are tables and dining sets, deep seating, benches, umbrellas, chaise loungers, and Adirondacks armchairs. teak patio furniture or patio furniture is very popular in UK in aristocrat families, but it is mostly placed in shaded or covered place. However, outdoor teak furniture can be secured by teak oil treatment which is often prepared from linseed oil that is good enough to protect the surface of teak wood from the effect of sunlight and water. Teak garden or outdoor furniture is usually specially designed for outdoor use so that it is not spoiled due to sun heat or rain.