Difference Between Hajj & Umrah, The Pilgrimage in Islam

Every religion considers significance of pilgrimage and there are one or more holy destinations for followers of different religion where they visit at least once a year or in couple of years. For instance, Jerusalem is holy place for Christians, Four Dhams for Hindus, Five Takhts for Sikhs, and Mecca (Saudi Arabia) for Muslims. The sects that strictly follow Islam are of the view that every Muslim that has capacity to afford pilgrimage should follow umrah, which means to visit a populated place or say pilgrimage once a year. Hajj is, therefore, undertaken as a major pilgrimage in Islam in specific month based on Islamic lunar calendar. The significance of hajj has been well described in holy literature of Islam.

Difference between hajj and umrah

There are certain types of umrahs and it depends on the period during which the pilgrimage is performed. When this pilgrimage is alongside the hajj, it is considered as Umrat al-tamattu, means enjoyment. The rituals hajj follows umrah rituals. When it is without hajj, then it is considered as Umrah Mufradah, means single umrah. So, both are related terms and are sacred in Islam but with different level of importance and their observance.

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Hajj is supreme because it is time consuming with more rituals and is performed over specific designated days. Hajj is also considered supreme as one of the five pillars of Islam. Every follower of Islam has an obligation to perform hajj at least once in lifetime if he has physical and financial ability.

Hajj pilgrimage

Hajj pilgrimage can be reached by air or sea route. Umrah visa is required by whatever mode you travel to Saudi Arabia for this pilgrimage and this visa document endorses a specific purpose for which it can be used. It is obligatory for air travelers to observe Ihram upon entering a specific boundary about the city of Mecca. Pilgrimage can be made easy by buying a package from available hajj packages.