Guide to maintain your HVAC systems

Keep clean and maintain the HVAC system to run as smoothly as ever. By maintaining the system you can increase the lifespan of the product and also can save energy and money. HVAC system can maintain by yourself and also you can contact to heating and air conditioning contractor hinesville ga experts.

So here are some guidance to maintain your HVAC system –


Change filters –

In ac, The filter you can change in every 1-3 months. Use the disposable filter for the system to keep clean and get it out the particles from your indoor air. The filter you change often if you have any pet or it is the allergy season. You can choose the filter which has good ratings. You can take suggestion with hvac contractor hinesville ga.


Keep clean condensing system –

Many air conditioning has outside heat pipe setting including fan top to diffuse heat in the summer season. Condenser get jam with dirt, grime, and pollen. Every session spray it with water and clean it.


Create clearance around the outdoor system –

Remove the trees, dust from around the system which can interfere with the airflow of your outdoor system.  If trees are there around the unit you can regularly trim it. So the system will get clearance. Around the unit at least 2 feet.


Check the evaporator coil Drain Pipe and drain pan –

Continuously you need to check your hvac system and need to clean the blockages. But if you do not know which is the drain pipe and call to the technician and show the drain pipe. Bleach can help to clean and vacuum also help to clean in the difficult areas.


Call the experts

Call to the ac repair hinesville ga experts for maintenance at least 2 times in a year. Cleaning which includes checking the drain pipe, flushing the coils, vacuum the blower compartment, look at the voltage, assess furnace operation, check voltage on motors.