Highlighting the Different Types of Hair Extensions

Beautiful long locks of hair are the dream of every girl. Sometimes the hair type doesn’t let you keep your long hair. Thus, comes the hair extensions. Be it short hair, long, curly any hair type; hair extension can give you extra shine and volume to your hair. Emily Hadrill Hair extension is in the hair business for ten long years. Located in prime locations in Australia namely EH Hair Extensions Brisbane, EH Hair & Extensions Gold Coast and EH Hair Extensions Melbourne.

Here is what the expert talk about different types of hair extensions:


This is the popular form of hair extension used. As the name suggests, you would simply clip the hair extension in your hair. You can do it yourself without any help. The hair extension can be removed and re-used.

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If you are looking for a more permanent type of hair extension then sew-in is one for you. The hair extension will be sewed inside your hair. This is a time-consuming process and you would need help. You should choose this technique if your hair has volume so that it can take the pressure of the weaving.


Here the hair is literally tapped. This has to be done with the help of heat. Thus your hair goes through a lot of heat treatment. So, this kind of extension needs a lot of aftercare.


Here the hair extension is glued to your hair with help of hot glue gun. You will need a salon to use this method. Because of the hot glue, the chances of damaging the hair are quite high. Again, a lot of maintenance is required for this type of hair extension.


If your hair is not supporting any other hair extensions then wig can be a good alternative because it has a base which has to be attached to the hair.