Need for Safety and Security on Messaging Apps

Messaging apps have become a very integral part of our daily lives. A lot of our personal, professional and leisure time is spent on messaging apps. Many confidential things are said on these apps and hence security of popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp application, Facebook messenger and others is very important to safeguard the interests and identity of the users. A very recent case that has come into news is that to safeguard its policies, popular messaging app WhatsApp owned by Facebook has refused to bend down it’s policies for the British Government.


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The free WhatsApp application has a strong encryption system which protects the conversation of this user from getting hacked. The British Government requested WhatsApp to bend down this policy so that they can go through WhatsApp conversations of some suspects. Since the company denied, the government has been very furious because they feel that such apps are creating a black hole in the security system, since terrorists always prefer encrypted apps. However WhatsApp isn’t at fault here because as they can’t give the data that they themselves don’t collect. This comes from the concept of end to end encryption. As you whatsapp download for android mobile from the play store and start texting your friends, the messages aren’t getting stored with WhatsApp. With such a system, the users of the app can feel a little secured and safe as their personal information and intimate conversations are not getting leaked from anywhere.

However, it is always advisable that you don’t share your personal stuff on social media or commonly used messaging apps. Such innovative apps have made our lives easier but have also brought upon the danger of cyber theft on all its users. We suggest you to use all these apps carefully and think twice before sharing anything.