Philadelphia 3.0 – Independent Non Profit Political Organization

The mission of Philadelphia 3.0 is to engage new audiences and bring new voices into Philadelphia city’s political discussions. The non-profit organization started in 2015 about two years ago and they were able to make drastic changes in the Philadelphia Political Council. The primary goal of the organization to start a serious conversation about “bringing new voices to city council”.

Philadelphia 3.0 – Non-Profit Organization made a Change during Election 2015

The team have done extensive research and come up with serious issues in the city and why the city council unable to make any proper improvements in last four decades. The research team found that most of the city council leaders of Philadelphia 3.0 are elected for more than 3-4 times and they were underperforming. They could not deploy their political power in bringing any changes to the city.

philadelphia 3.0

Media played a powerful role in promoting their concepts

The team have used substantial resources like television, printed ads, YouTube videos to back their seven candidates for City Council election under Democrats and Republican and three were successfully selected and represented the office. This is not a victory for Philadelphia 3.0 and it is a victory for a change. In the last four decades, only three newcomers were selected and two incumbents got defeated which brings a strong message to the Philadelphia State political parties on how the future will change and what else Philadelphia 3.0 will bring in future.

Summing it up

The next immediate project of the organization is “Reduce the Term Limit”. This change will bring fresh mind to the politics and make the drastic changes towards the face of the city council.  Any change in politics is not going to happen overnight. But this election brings the good start to move forward.