Some Interesting Facts You Want to Know about Swedish massage

Massage therapy is an age old treatment of healing specific problems by pressure on body. Today, there are many types of massages for curing different types of problems. Since ancient times touch was considered to be a vital part of communication. Gradually it became a part of culture which got incorporated in religious rituals, healing and relaxation. There are many archaeological evidences which prove the existence of massage across various cultures.

History of Swedish massage

This is the most common type of massage which is very popular. This massage is believed to be discovered by Dr. Per Henrik Ling who himself suffered from rheumatism. He started a program which was referred as “medical gymnastics”. Swedish massage has numerous health benefits like it relaxes body muscles, improves blood circulation and eases body pain.

Later, in 1813, Ling founded “The Royal Central Gymnastic Institute” with the view to cure people through touch. He dedicated his entire life to study the various benefits that massage can do. In Europe, this study came to be known as “Swedish Movement” and in US as the Swedish Movement Cure”.

Massage Therapy

However, there is a controversy regarding who first discovered Swedish massage. Johann Georg Mezger, a Dutch practitioner was also accredited of naming the basic strokes in Swedish massage. It is also said that Ling borrowed the concept of ancient touch therapy that was practised across many cultures.

The benefits of Swedish massage are undeniable, though. It soothes and relaxes the body, calms down the nervous system and help in fighting anxiety, stress and depression. It energizes and refills one with lots of vigour and positive vibes. It also enhances overall performance by increasing blood circulation. It can give relief to cramps, spasms and even arthritis and gout pains.

This is the most frequently practised massage conducted in spa, gyms and other health clinics. Massage therapy Toronto also provides excellent Swedish massage techniques and gives an energizing experience.