The EcoTo Go Tumbler is Quite Cheap

The Eco To Go Cold Drink Tumbler – Double Wall, can be a perfect tumbler for people on the go so that it insulates 3 times longer than double wall plastic. Also, it is one of the cheapest and most economical types of tumbler due to which it is quite popular. The tumbler is thermally vacuum insulated due to which it provides 3 times the insulation as described above. Most important thing is that in the construction of the tumbler no Bisphenol A (BPA) has been used. BPA is a synthetic compound that has harmful effects on the environment and hence has been rightly left out. This tumbler is very much desired due to its cheap cost and also the following features as mentioned here.

tumbler cups

The construction is quite robust – The Eco To Go tumbler uses an acrylic construction without BPA.There is also a seal of rubber gasket for preventing any spillage. This is very important for less dense liquids and also during travelling. The stainless steel construction along with the rubber seal ensures that the tumbler is robust and strong. It is also sweat proof that further aids in holding it even with sweaty palms. Therefore, all minor details have been kept in mind by the manufacturers so that the tumbler can be used daily. It can be easily viewed and order placed at

  • Available with a straw and color combinations – A reusable straw is supplied with the tumbler that is a very helpful feature. In fact, the straw is a very important accessory with the tumbler. The utensil is available in a variety of colors and anyone willing to purchase it can generally expect to select from amongst many colors available. This is a marked shift from any other type of tumbler that is available in the market.

Due to all these reasons and a lot more, this type of tumbler is very highly desired.