The Rise of Moti Ferder’s Lugano Diamonds and Its Elite Jewelry

Lugano Diamonds is a leading company which provides its clients with all the facilities that a customer could ask for. From the choice of diamond to the exact design as to what a client wants is taken care by Lugano Diamonds in crafting each and every piece of jewelry. This is what makes the company a popular choice for many of the celebrated customers who want an elite ornament for themselves.

Introducing Moti Ferder

The CEO and Design Director of the company is Moti Ferder. Ferder and his team of a dozen or so people are the most talented group of people when it comes to crafting diamond jewelry is concerned. They are a dedicated group of people who work on one project at a time and claim to provide its clients with such flawlessness that no one across the globe can replicate.

Moti Ferder himself is the head of designing the ornament and the uniqueness in his ideas and manner of craftsmanship is somewhat never seen before. Ferder is a self-made man who started as a diamond cutter. He took his craft to a whole new level by putting in his unique ideas of designs. The use of multi colored gems in the ornaments made his craft quite popular.

Diamonds not for everyone

After getting into the Lugano Diamonds, Ferder brought about a revolution in the field of manufacturing diamond jewelry. The use of rarest diamonds with new artistic designs was a never seen concept which was appreciated by a whole lot of people. The ornaments produced are only made for an elite class of people but the passion and dedication put behind every piece of jewelry is worth every penny spent.

The popularity of such diamond ornaments is reaching a new high with every passing day as the list of celebrity clients is ever increasing. From film and TV stars to the sports personalities, everyone wants a piece of such exclusive jewelry.