Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam: Bigger Surprise in a Smaller Pack.

The vtech kidizoom action camera is newly included and introduced for the cheapest and affordable action camera family. The camera is so versatile and flexible that it can even be controlled and handled by children of 6-15 years of age. The camera is designed specifically to be controlled by children who have a knack towards photography and wants to pursue the course and is also designed for those who just want to record almost anything and everything that they see on their way.

How is it different from other conventional cameras?

The camera is a compact version of the bigger cameras in the market. Although it can perform all the functions that a traditional camera can but the vtech kidizoom action cam do not have manual controls for which the other cameras such as the film or the DSLR cameras are well-known for. The action camera can shoot and film at various pixels.

It has buttons included with the help of which it can be regulated and controlled and also is packed with an inbuilt battery which needs to be charged to make full use of the camera. It weighs less thus making it easy for the users to carry around easily.

vtech kidizoom action cam

Is the Vtech kidizoom action cam good enough?

With dimensions of 2.5×5.7×5.7cms, it is protected with special rubber coating thus making the body of the camera sturdy enough to not fall and break. The Vtech kidizoom action cam comes with special outer waterproof cases.

The waterproof cases are made to make the camera useful under water and so that the customers can also use the action camera underwater easily. The outer protective case also protects the camera from any kind of external damages and thus increases the longevity of the camera. Coming at a price between 50-65 US Dollars, the action camera is bound to become the best friend of the customer who buys and uses the same for everyday recording and surveillance purposes.